Wedding Suiting

Weddings by Atelier. We work with your wedding party to create suits that not only look amazing on your special day, but also that will stand the test of time, and be worn well into the future and your everyday life. Atelier by Ensemble Style is a menswear and custom suiting company located in Calgary, Canada. We use Italian and English fabrics to create beautifully designed, one of a kind professional clothing for gentlemen.

groom & wedding party suiting

Atelier ensemble style custom menswear calgary


Your wedding will be one of the most memorable and important days of your life. A lot of time and consideration goes into the many details involved in making the day perfect, and it is your responsibility to ensure the photos don't suffer because of ill-fitted suits.

We've worked out packages at different price points to fit your budget and suit your needs.

We will work with you, your planner, and your fiance to design suiting that fits the vision of your wedding, and will be versatile enough that you will get use out of it for years to come.

Because of the importance of this day, please allow a minimum of two months to complete the process. We don't want to rush, and we know that it can be challenging to organize all of your groomsmen in a short amount of time. We want you and your guys to feel amazing, and the best way to ensure everything is perfect, is to give us enough time. 

Let us handle the details & guide you in the right direction - you're in good hands. 

Group discounts are available for wedding parties. Contact to discuss options!