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atelier Policies

All custom clothing is made to order, and specifically designed for your body. Garments will not be resold to any other client but yourself. On occasion, and if deemed necessary, Atelier will charge a down payment for made-to-measure garments to solidify commitment in the final product. Your stylist will go through all design elements with you, providing pictures where necessary, to ensure you understand how the garment will be constructed and to avoid any doubt.  As your garments are made for you, and to your body measurements, we are unable to offer returns.  All our items undergo high-grade professional quality control to ensure fabrics and manufacturing is of the highest standard.  In the unlikely circumstance of a manufacturing fault, items can be returned for a replacement or repair. In this case, you must report your issue within 7 days of receiving your garments.

Dry-cleaning is very harmful to fabrics and can cause fast deterioration of natural fibres (wool and cotton). We do not recommend dry-cleaning your garments more than 1 time per year, and instead letting suits 'rest' in between wears, and use a steamer to spot clean and remove wrinkles. We do not recommend using irons on wool. Do not hold steamer close to canvassed (chest) portion of suit as it can warp and ruin the canvas. We recommend shirts be washed on a gentle cold cycle, and then ironed or steamed to remove wrinkles. 

We will not cover the cost of fixing garments that have been taken to or ruined by dry cleaners. If your garment has been damaged by a dry cleaner, you must take the issue up with them.

Quoted pricing is subject to change without notice due to the large variance in the cost of wool, exchange rates, shipping and duties. In all cases we will work to communicate any changes with you beforehand. 



Please recognize Atelier will respect your information. We will not collect your information unwillingly and will not provide your personal information to any third-parties at any time. Atelier is not responsible for privacy practices of any advertisers or blog commenters on this site.


Alterations & Refunds

Atelier will take full responsibility for alterations and adjustments made to custom made garments if deemed necessary at time of fitting or up to 30 days thereafter, and only if you agree to use our tailors, or tailors hired or contracted by Atelier. If you choose to use your own tailors to adjust your garments, you will be subject to covering the full cost of the alterations unless otherwise discussed with your stylist and/or designer. 

In certain circumstances, your stylist will allow up to 30 days wear/possession of a garment for you to decide if it is tailored to your liking (we understand that sometimes it takes wearing something in order to decide if you're satisfied with the fit). After you've had the garment in your possession for more than 30 days, any alterations will not be covered by Atelier.